July 2021

Emacx Systems, Inc. was awarded a contract with another major NYC hospital to install our new Aciex© software platform along with mission critical VFD installations.

The new Aciex platform consisting of Aciex Pro, a fully automated demand control software and the new Aciex Pulse software.  Aciex Pulse gives you the full visibility to make decisions that turn your response to LL97 from reactive to positive.

Across building, energy and compliance managers, Aciex Pulse is the industry’s only real-time next-generation solution everyone can use to holistically meet your LL97 assessment, tracking, compliance and reporting needs.

Aciex Pulse combined with Aciex Pro also provides substantial kW harvesting and is used as a mitigation strategy to lower the carbon footprint.  The kWh savings achieved also provides substantial cost savings.  Thus, making the project highly economical with a simple payback of under 2 years.