Emacx Systems, Inc. is a real-time energy management software and technology company providing the next generation of Demand Side Management (DSM) solutions to energy intensive businesses in North America. Emacx energy management solutions empower users to intelligently manage their energy consumption, adjusting both the timing and the quantity of their electricity use in real-time, without degrading mission critical operations.

Emacx customers realize lower energy costs by having the ability to automatically shed facility loads to avoid peak load charges and by installing new control devices such as variable frequency drives for improved energy efficiency. Emacx customers also participate in utility Demand Response programs to receive additional revenue for load curtailment during times of peak generation demand on the grid.

Emacx developed the Aciex Real-Time Energy Management System to deliver the economic benefits of intelligent Demand Control (iDC), intelligent Demand Response (iDR), and the integration of Real-Time Pricing and Smart Metering. As the deployment of microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources increase, Aciex will provide oversight and optimization of alternative energy sources during times of load curtailment. The Aciex Platform Software was designed to evolve with the Smart Grid so that users may easily add new applications in the future.

The continuing evolution of Smart Grid technologies offers the promise of more advanced DSM applications for commercial and industrial customers; however, users face the increasing challenge of selecting the most effective DSM technology for their facility. The uncertainty of how best to incorporate new technology with existing plant and equipment and the evolving Smart Grid leaves many customers searching for an integrated energy management solution instead of disparate hardware and software components.

Our strong working relationships with leading utilities and government agencies give us an in-depth understanding of emerging Smart Grid technology, applications and incentive programs. Emacx is well positioned to provide DSM consulting assistance to customers to identify short payback opportunities and create the best path technology plan for their facility. Additionally, the seamless integration of the Aciex Platform Software eliminates unnecessary engineering effort to make the technology components work together.

Emacx works cooperatively with each customer to achieve successful turn-key DSM projects. Projects typically start with a facility load audit during the feasibility phase. After contract award, the Emacx Project Manager leads engineering, installation, commissioning, measurement and verification (M&V), and ongoing support. Emacx will also help customers qualify for energy incentives or rebates, prepare the necessary documents and provide the M&V data required to receive funding. Energy project rebates can result in simple payback periods of 2 years or less for many customers.

For over 20 years, Emacx Systems has successfully installed Real-Time Energy Management Systems for DSM applications in commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, department stores and universities throughout the United States. Contact us for a detailed list of our customers.