Market Overview

Emacx Systems, Inc. is a real-time energy management software and technology company providing the next generation of Demand Side Management (DSM) and Microgrid solutions to energy intensive businesses in North America. Emacx’s solutions provided by the Aciex Energy Management System empower users to intelligently manage their energy consumption, and adjust both the timing and the quantity of their electricity use in real-time, without degrading mission critical operations.

Emacx customers realize lower energy costs by having the ability to automatically shed facility loads to avoid peak load charges and by installing new control devices such as variable frequency drives for improved energy efficiency. Emacx customers also typically participate in utility Demand Response programs to generate additional revenue for load curtailment during times of peak generation demand on the grid.

With its powerful Aciex Real-time Energy Management System, Emacx Systems have the multi-functionality hardware, customizable software platform, and turnkey engineering services to provide sophisticated energy management, intelligent demand control, and energy information system solutions for virtually any industry.