In recent years more and more utilities have moved from a monthly billing cycle to dynamic pricing and Time-of-Use billing models. The Emacx Aciex Real Time Pricing Module will allow the customer to optimize the facility load based on these pricing signals, as listed below.  The Aciex Products can execute curtailment tasks through Direct Load Control, curtailment programs and emergency Demand Response events.

Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing. Pricing tiers (i.e. off-peak, peak) are established to correspond to specific time intervals. Utilities can share these rates with consumers, providing financial incentives to shift demand to off-peak hours and reduce overall consumption.

Critical Peak Pricing (CPP). Utilities can communicate pricing changes to consumers at spikes in peak demand, providing immediate financial incentives to shift energy demand.

Real-Time Pricing (RTP). Utilities can change energy prices based on fluctuations in the cost of generation, and also signal consumers (and consumer devices) to integrate demand-side applications to participate in load-shifting decisions.

Such dynamic pricing programs allow customers to pay the fluctuating market rate for their electricity and allows participants to save money, understand their energy use in real-time, and reduce strain on the electric grid.