Aciex Flex

The microgrid solution to seize maximum opportunity

Microgrids are ushering in a new flexible era for distributed energy, renewables and active load management. Aciex Flex from Emacx Systems is how you can capitalize on it.

This sophisticated software helps you balance demand with generation, selecting the most efficient source to cut costs, maintain microgrid stability and achieve specific load goals for:

  • System resiliency
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Budget optimization
  • Renewable energy source inclusion

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Powering your renewables strategy with intelligence

Interfacing with storage batteries, wind and solar – plus CHP plants and other electrical generation sources – Aciex Flex regulates utility grid supply and coordinates optimal power sources, availability and pricing signals with load demands.

Aciex Flex has an advanced trending and prediction algorithm to minimize demand from the utility, reducing peak charges and grid impact. And its load prediction and control algorithms – combined with customer-defined operation standards and built-in intelligence and load shed parameterization – helps ensure the best possible resource use without compromising production or operations.

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