The Emacx Aciex Platform Software can optimize complex microgrid systems. Microgrids are small-scale power grids that typically connect with the main grid but can operate independently for a short duration and supply power to electrical local loads.

Microgrids have become more popular over the last few years, and most likely will play a larger role in the future. These on-site renewable power and storage system networks give industrial and corporate facilities more control over their energy supply and cost. Microgrids provide backup in case of grid outages, as well as, relieve pressure on the utility grid. Microgrids are typically smaller in size and more susceptible to disruption from load variability. The Emacx Smart Aciex Platform Software addresses these challenges by continually balancing demand with generation, maintaining stability, and ensuring that peak demand doesn’t exceed available supply. Using Aciex DER for Microgrid control has additional advantages such as:

  • Potentially eliminating the use of battery storage by using excess renewable energy as a process buffer.
  • Using the Aciex DER sophisticated trending and prediction algorithm to minimize demand from the utility, reducing peak charges and grid impact.
  • Ensuring secure operation and productivity using sophisticated load prediction and control algorithms, combined with customer-defined operation standards and built-in intelligence and parameterization on how to shed loads.

The Aciex Platform Software also interfaces with other renewable energy sources such as storage batteries, wind, and solar, as well as with Co-Gen Plants and other electrical generation sources. It regulates utility supplies and coordinates the optimal power source, availability, and pricing signals with load demands. The result is evident: A sophisticated control process that does not compromise production and operational priorities while ensuring the best possible use of the energy resources available.

For example, Emacx installed Aciex Platform Software in a university where they participate in short-notice demand response events by automatically balancing the Co-Gen plant balancing the grid import with on-site generation. They run on solar power during afternoon peak hours and switch to low-rate grid power when the system detects that generation resources won’t meet load demands. In a California facility, Aciex DER in conjunction with the Aciex Platform Software controls the building via AUTO Demand Response accepting a curtailment signal from the utility.