Aciex Overview

Demand charges are expensive and can make up 40% of the utility bill. The powerful Aciex Platform Software from Emacx Systems will mitigate these demand charges without compromising operations at any time. Savings will be tracked and visualized in real-time.

Emacx developed the Aciex Real-Time Energy Management System to deliver the economic benefits of intelligent Demand Control (iDC), intelligent Demand Response (iDR), and the integration of Real-Time Pricing and Smart Metering. As the deployment of Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources increase, Aciex will provide oversight and optimization of alternative energy sources during times of load curtailment. The Aciex Platform Software was designed to evolve with the Smart Grid so that users may easily add new applications in the future.

The Aciex Platform Software is built upon a flexible architecture with controllers, I/O modules, network devices, and workstations readily available on the market. Emacx proprietary software applications for real-time optimization and operator interface are integrated with the system architecture to provide a seamless, fully integrated energy management system. The Aciex Platform Software may be installed as a stand-alone system or integrated with a Building Management System using open communications protocols.