W- Hotel

We have put considerable effort in selecting the right demand control system for the W-Hotel New York. There were only the most basic controls in place for major facility systems at the W-Hotel. The ALC expert from Emacx Systems has the right combination of functionality ease of use, sophisticated front end and price to meet our needs.

The objective of the Hotel was not necessarily to flatten the load profile only, due to high peaks, but also effectively control the most important electrical users to lower the overall demand. Lowering the demand was very cost effective and saved us thousands of dollars over the last few months since the system was commissioned.
Joseph Graziosi, Director of Engineering, W-Hotel, NYC

Marriott East Side Hotel

The Automated Load Controller of Emacx Systems is a powerful tool to Demand / Load Control. The highly sophisticated software allowed us to parameterize every load carefully and therefore we had no complaints regarding load curtailment during the hottest days of the year. That is very important for a hotel especially when it comes to HVAC. In terms of pay back it is one of the most successful projects I have dealt with. We saved $11,000 in the first 12 months.
Kelly Damboise, Assistant Chief Engineer, Marriot Hotel East Side, NYC

Starwood Resorts & Hotels

Being responsible for all aspects of energy consumption for all Starwood Resorts and Hotels nationwide our team is always striving to be on the cutting edge of energy savings technologies. Starwood has very ambitious energy savings objectives for all their properties. With the installation of the Automated Demand Control System from Emacx Systems in all of our major New York City Facilities we have reached our goals of lowering the demand and achieving forecasted savings. So far we have lowered the demand throughout our properties almost 1 MW.
John J. Lembo, Director of Energy, Starwood Corporate, NY

Sheraton Towers and Hotel

One of our objectives was to purchase a powerful tool to demand control. Our 1mm square foot facility is peaking at almost 4,000kW. Communicating the energy / demand use, savings and plans to management was the other important requirement. The Visualization Software from Emacx meets those requirements. The data we can obtain from Emacx Automated Demand Control System puts us as a Hotel in a strong position to carefully assess all the options we have under the current energy deregulation. We were also most impressed with the project implementation. There was virtually no interruptions and the system was commissioned according to schedule ready for the hot summer months and were able to meet the forecasted savings.
Michael McLaughlin, Director of Property Operations, Sheraton Towers &Hotel, NYC

Sheraton Manhattan

Being part of a large Hotel chain we have to comply with relatively stringent technical requirements regarding functionality and performance. Emacx’s Automated Demand Control System is highly functional and easy to operate. It helped us to understand the limit of our facility regarding load curtailment without jeopardizing occupants comfort and forced us to get more intimate with the most efficient use of our electrical equipment connected to the Automated Demand Control System.
John Lung, Chief Engineer, Sheraton Manhattan, NYC

New York Life Insurance Company

During the installation process there was absolutely no negative impact to our building operation thanks to the careful planning and seamless integration of the Emacx Technology. We have since our first project in our World Wide Head Quarters expanded the technology in to other facilities.
John Wilcox, AVP Building Operations, NYL, NYC

Trinity Real Estate

Installing the Emacx Technology in some of our Buildings has allowed us to increase our DR commitment and obtain additional savings. We are very sensitive to our tenants and the Emacx system did not present us with an adverse impact. It also helped us to automate our DR-Events.
Alec Saltikoff, Manager of Engineering, Trinity Real Estate, NYC

Saint Peter’s University

Saint Peter’s University is “going green.” Since signing The American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment in 2008, St. Peter’s University has spearheaded several green energy initiatives on campus. The latest, the Green Energy Command Center, monitors the impact of these projects 24 hours a day by tracking the amount and type of energy being used on campus, the total amount of energy savings and data on the carbon saving benefits as well as active load curtailment. The latter, for example, is prominently displayed on one of several screens in the Command Center and charts the amount of carbon dioxide savings at the University. The amount is equivalent to 1,627 planted trees since the Green Energy Command Center opened early in 2013.
University President, Eugene J. Cornacchia, Ph.D., SPU, NJ

NYPQ Hospital

A Hospital operation is always critical and there is typically not much wiggle room for load management and curtailment. However, with the recently installed Emacx Technology we have found a way that does not compromise our operations and delivers us savings. Emacx did a great job installing their technology, along with many new VFDs without any adverse effect.
Steve Bialkowski, Assistant Director of Engineering, NYPQ Hospital, NYC

George Comfort & Sons

The energy management system is a great tool. We have achieved the predicted savings and considering using the technology for other George Comfort owned assets if there is a fit.
Jared Conlon, Portfolio Manager, George Comfort & Sons, NYC

Peninsula Hotel

The Peninsula is high end luxury Hotel and we are obviously very sensitive to customers comfort. The Emacx system has had no adverse impact and compromised guest comfort.  It fulfilled all of our expectations, as well as, the estimated savings.
James Dandic, Director of Engineering, Peninsula Hotel, NYC


Controlling the cost of energy is critical to the success and profitability of retail establishments, and Macy’s is no exception. When it comes to energy costs, every energy dollar saved goes directly to the bottom line. Energy Managers are faced with complex energy procurement processes and the increasing cost of energy, particularly charges associated with peak demand. A major challenge to controlling energy costs, during times of peak demand, is maintaining proper lighting levels and a comfortable environment for customers to shop. Lowering a facilities peak demand not only saves on utility energy demand charges, but also saves money by consuming less energy when hourly commodity prices are at the highest. Although each facilities peak demand and demand profile differ, the ultimate goal remains the same – “cut the peaks” and reduce costs associated with peak demand. Emacx helped us to accomplish just that.
Robert Gisolfi, Energy Director, Macy’s East Inc., NYC

Westin Hotel

The Westin Hotel, New York City has always been progressive when it comes to Energy Conservation. Installing the Emacx System has pushed us a step further when it comes to Energy Savings and automated Demand Response. The integration into the BMS was without a hick up. Emacx also included a BMS upgrade in their scope which was a great help.
David Zito, Director of Engineering, Westin Hotel, NYC

Some of our other clients are:

• Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NYC
• Barclays, NYC
• Credit Suisse, NYC
• Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC
• Hackensack University Medical Center, NJ
• NYU Langone Medical Center, NYC
• Fosun -28 Liberty Street, NYC
• Marriott La Jolla, CA
• Sheraton San Diego, CA
• Sheraton Hotel Boston, MA