Aciex Impact

Your response to capturing demand response revenue

Aciex Impact from Emacx Systems is the demand response event management solution that helps you capture maximum demand response revenue in real time.

Aciex Impact automatically calculates your baseline for each ConEdison or NYISO event. You can manage required kilowatt shed amounts and reach targeted demand levels – even with multiple simultaneous demand response events.

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A strategic solution to maximize savings and earnings

Aciex Impact is a cost-efficient solution giving your team the data, visualization, scheduling and decision-making tools to manage energy demand response, maximize savings and capture earnings potential.

It’s the intelligent way to achieve improved operational efficiencies through a real time automated energy event management platform. And by integrating seamlessly with Aciex Pro, you can transform your organization into a fully-automated demand response operation.

Aciex Pro Benefits:

  • Maximize demand response revenue earnings capabilities
  • Increase employee decision making, productivity and job satisfaction
  • Improve risk management
  • Optimize tracking and performance reporting
  • Leverage experienced local and national customer support
  • Control costs with no capital investment required

Aciex Impact Features:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Visualization of required demand reduction and demand response event duration by building
  • Automatic real time baseline calculations for target demand levels – including weather adjustments
  • SMS text and email notifications of load curtailment opportunities
  • Ability to manage multiple/concurrent demand response events
  • Simple pull-down menus to input targeted kW shed amounts
  • Completely automate demand response when combined with Aciex Pro to participate in lucrative ancillary services demand response programs

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