Emacx Systems is a real-time energy management software and technology company providing Demand Side Management (DSM) solutions to energy intensive businesses in North America. Emacx energy management solutions empower users to intelligently manage their energy consumption, adjusting both the timing and the quantity of their electricity use in real-time, without degrading mission critical operations.

We are experts in assessing, designing and engineering advanced DSM strategies for buildings and campuses.

We installed our first system in 2001. That is over 15 years ago with over 100 installations.

The Emacx technology is smart grid technology to control the building load. It is highly flexible, user friendly and more advanced than any other product on the market. The software optimizes the use of electricity throughout a facility and achieves significant cost savings, guarantees sustainability without compromising operations at any time.

Emacx has deployed energy management systems all over the the United States in Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, College Campuses, Malls, Retail Stores and many other large facilities. Ideal project candidates have the following characteristics:
• About 1 MW of peak demand
• Demand charges of $9.00/kW or more
• Existing BMS
• Central Chiller Plant

We have installed our technology in:
Hospitals, Department Stores, Universities, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings, College Campuses, Malls and Hotels. Our demand control technology was originally designed for industrial applications, and now is proven in a wide range of commercial building applications.

Emacx users can typically save 5-10% demand (kW). Depending on the actual demand charges, the dollar savings can be up to 40% or about 5 to 10 percent of the total electric bill. Additionally, there are substantial (tens of thousands of dollars) dollars available by participating in lucrative demand response programs.

• It automatically curtails the loads needed to meet savings goals, rather than making manual adjustments.
• Equipped with intelligent monitoring technology and state-of-the-art microelectronics, the Emacx system measures
and regulates power demands in real time. Connected loads are curtailed to ensure that aggregate power demand   remains below the desired threshold, based on live energy data and end-users’ priorities.
• Trending calculations of connected loads are done to ensure that a load is curtailed only when needed and not
just by a mere demand limit.
• Every load is highly parameterized and therefore allows intricate curtailment strategies such as batch control,
staggering or single load curtailment.
• It can also serve as an important tool to achieve LEED designation.
• Additionally, the platform will be instrumental in maximizing revenues associated with existing Demand Response
programs such as economical, frequency regulation, capacity or reserve programs.
• Provides advanced reporting and savings calculations that can help users meet financial energy savings mandates.