Demand is usually measured over an integrated 15 or 30-minute interval. In many rate structures demand charges account for 20% to 40% of the total billing. There are a number of different terms used throughout the industry to describe demand. They include contract demand, actual demand, coincident peak demand, non-coincident peak demand, billing demand, and minimum billing demand.

The Aciex intelligent Demand Control (iDC) is realized with Emacx proprietary Aciex Platform Software designed to avoid expensive demand peaks and their associated expense in a facility without compromising operations and achieving significant cost avoidance. Aciex iDC can reduce demand 5% to10% and demand charges anywhere from 20% to 30%.

How does intelligent Demand Control work?
The electrical power used is transmitted synchronously to a utility measurement device. Equipped with intelligent monitoring technology and state-of-the-art microelectronics, the Aciex Platform Software measures and regulates power demands in real-time. Connected loads are curtailed in real-time to ensure that aggregate power demand remains below the desired threshold, based on live energy data and the customer’s priorities. The Aciex Platform Software therefore mitigates disproportionately expensive demand peaks while maintaining end-user operations and comfort. By gradually changing the power flowing to individual loads, such as air handlers, fans, motors, and pumps, the Aciex Platform Software also avoids the destructive stresses associated with on-off demand controllers (both manual and automatic).

The Aciex Platform Software may be installed as a standalone energy management system or seamlessly integrated with any existing Building Management System (BMS).  The Aciex Control Hub will communicate via BACnet , Modbus, OPC, LON or dry contact to the BMS, which will then carry out the demand reduction commands to the designated load assets. All loads controlled by the Aciex Platform Software are also graphically indicated on the BMS when in curtailment mode. This integration is ideal because the BMS continues to maintain the operating standard of the facility while the Emacx Aciex Platform Software acts in a supervisory control mode.