As demand for electric energy continues to increase, new generation capacity has not kept pace to match this demand. One of the most effective ways to address this issue is by asking consumers to reduce their electric demand during times of peak demand on the grid. This has led to Demand Response programs offered by several intelligent system operators (ISOs) throughout the country that pay commercial and industrial users to curtail their electric loads during these demand peaks. In the past such Demand Response has not been very efficient as it has relied upon manually turning loads on and off. Manually triggered curtailment Events often result in unforeseen consequences and can be quite risky. The Aciex Platform Software offers intelligent Demand Response Technology where loads are automatically controlled and monitored. Participation in such Events becomes much less risky without sacrificing production, product quality, or building comfort while providing an incremental source of revenue. Our Aciex Platform Software detects the need for load shedding, communicates the demand to participating users, automates load shedding, and verifies compliance with demand response programs. A high level of automation is necessary particularly when a customer selects ancillary Demand Response programs where a fast response time, seconds, is required to comply.

How to Participate in Demand Response Programs
There are many different utility programs for Demand Response available nationwide, from a half-hour ahead, a day ahead, spinning reserves ancillary programs and more. Incentives for participating in such programs have been very lucrative to a corporation in recent years. A customer signs up with a certified Demand Service Provider who administers the program, evaluates the facility together with a technology provider, and selects the loads and the program in which to participate. With Aciex iDR the facility can now be intelligently controlled in case of called Events.

The transmitted actual power to the Aciex Platform Software is monitored by a microprocessor, controlled and continuously compared with target values. Based on the list of equipment identified for the demand reduction and demand limit set for a particular time window, the intelligent Demand Response Controller starts to control the equipment. The system enables the end user to easily program and dictate the sequence of events through an advanced scheduler. Aciex iDR controls equipment as a function of assigned priority levels and duty break parameters. When curtailment is called for, designated equipment is reduced for the duration until the demand reduction objective is achieved. Continuous synchronous scanning and load analysis ensures optimum operation without exceeding the preset kW value. The Result: A cost-effective technology that enables customers to participate in Demand Response Programs without compromising operations.