February 2023

A recent article in the WSJ titled, “S.O.S. for the U.S. Electric Grid”.   Why? The federal government is forcing the continuous transition to renewables and at the same time is promoting the closure of fossil-fuel power plants. The fact is that fossil-fuel plants close faster than renewables can come online, creating tremendous stress on the electrical grid that will most likely lead to energy shortages and blackouts. Policy driven plant closures and ESG commitments cause a substantial shortage of generation capacity. At the same time every major city calls for carbon footprint reduction and electrification on every side. Local carbon laws such as Local Law 97 in NYC are associated with penalties if property owners do not comply. Additional tools are required to achieve compliance and reduce demand. Emacx Systems has been offering such solutions for over 20 years. Our most recent product, Aciex Pulse, a real time intelligent controls strategy offers a powerful, patent pending technology for kWh-Harvesting to help with carbon footprint compliance and stress reduction on the utility grid.


“kWh-Harvesting is like renewable energy…electricity generation is avoided…one step closer to carbon neutrality and energy independence.”

                                                                                   Theo Breitenstein, President of Emacx Systems, Inc.