Aciex Pulse

Real-time monitoring, long-term planning

Presenting the GHG emissions visibility you need now – and for the road ahead: Aciex Pulse from Emacx Systems. It’s the only real time carbon footprint monitoring solution to help you:

  • Assess building GHG emissions by energy source relative to legal limits in real time
  • Gain full transparency from building to individual meter levels – across billing cycles, years and compliance periods
  • Calculate and forecast surpluses or penalties
  • Identify high-consumption tenants for targeted reduction
  • Evaluate mitigation strategies to reduce emissions and penalties
  • Provide carbon emissions reporting
  • Meet audit requirements

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Crucial for buildings anywhere – particularly New York City

Aciex Pulse is the compliance tool you need to address NYC Local Law 97 (LL97). Gain full visibility to make decisions in real time and for the long term. You’ll proactively optimize your portfolio for the environment and your bottom line.

Aciex Pulse Benefits:

  • Ensure compliance with NYC Local Law 97 and Climate Mobilization Legislation
  • Increase accuracy of GHG tracking
  • Avoid costly penalties and negative building valuations
  • Easily identify energy hogs and CO2 violators at the meter or tenant level
  • Simplify CO2 reporting and auditing

For building, energy and compliance managers, Aciex Pulse is the next generation solution everyone can use to holistically meet LL97 assessment, tracking, compliance and reporting needs.

Upgrade Aciex Pulse to Aciex Pro for real time peak load control and fully automated demand response.

Aciex Pulse Features:

  • Pre-programmed LL97 emission requirements
  • Specify up to five LL97 use groups per building
  • Scale up to 64 buildings per campus
  • Real time meter reading for electricity, gas and steam
  • Two-year real time energy consumption analysis for year-to-date, year-to-date plus forecast, previous year and month-to-month
  • Emission limit calculations for real time, month-to-date, year-to-date, month-over-month and year-over-year
  • Individual tenant energy consumption and demand details for up to 80 tenants

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Meet strict greenhouse gas emissions limits, avoid penalties and plan smarter with Aciex Pulse

Save time and money with the Only Real-Time Automated Solution, Aciex Pulse from Emacx