Get Incentives for Cutting-Edge Energy Management Technology a New Con Edison Incentive Program….RTEM. Emacx Systems, Inc. is an approved participating RTEM Contractor


Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM) systems optimize your facility’s energy performance, saving you money and making building occupants more comfortable.

Aciex Pulse, a RTEM platform works with your existing Building Automation System (BAS) and uses advanced analytics to:

  • Visualize and manage your energy consumption and equipment performance.
  • Diagnose faulty equipment systems in real-time.
  • Performs kWh-Harvesting™.

Aciex Pulse identifies opportunities to:

  • Save energy and money.
  • Improve occupant comfort and productivity.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and extends equipment life.
  • Strategically plan capital investments.

Call us at (800) 781-1232 for a RTEM survey and quote.

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February 2023

A recent article in the WSJ titled, “S.O.S. for the U.S. Electric Grid”.   Why? The federal government is forcing the continuous transition to renewables and at the same time is promoting the closure of fossil-fuel power plants. The fact is that fossil-fuel plants close faster than renewables can come online, creating tremendous stress on the electrical grid that will most likely lead to energy shortages and blackouts. Policy driven plant closures and ESG commitments cause a substantial shortage of generation ...

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