Commercial and Industrial Customers Offered Cash Incentives by Deploying Aciex Software as part of the Con Edison Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Program


September 24, 2022 – New York, New York – The Aciex intelligent energy management software has been approved by one of the largest US investor-owned energy companies, Consolidated Edison, Inc. (ConEd), as an energy efficiency measure with $0.45 per kWh cash incentives for deployment among participating ConEd commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. The recognition comes as part of the ConEd C&I Energy Efficiency Program, one of Con Edison’s initiatives to promote the use of ConEd-approved efficient electric and gas equipment and technologies using significant cash incentives. Con Edison used months of proof-of-concept data to verify the estimated energy savings under the Aciex software deployment in a special surgery hospital in New York City.


Aciex, LLC’s Intelligent Energy Management Software, offering real-time carbon footprint management integrated into building management systems. Available now as an approved energy efficiency measure through the ConEd C&I Energy Efficiency Program.

The Aciex, LLC team integrated the Aciex software with the special surgery hospital building automation system (BAS) and established regularly-scheduled intervals of automatic VSD controls, which the Aciex team programmed according to consultations with special surgery hospital staff engineers. The Aciex, LLC team implemented 6 variable speed drives (VSD’s) on air handling unit (AHU) fans serving a range of critical to non-critical loads on a full-time or off-hour basis, depending on the operational schedule and load criticality. Con Edison awarded the special surgery hospital $170,000 in cash incentives for Aciex software installation, with more than 390,000 kWh projected annual energy consumption savings on the over 500,000 square-foot property.

Aciex software deployment offers the first-level of low-hanging fruit energy conservation measure for commercial and industrial properties. The ConEd energy efficiency cash incentive is exclusively available to C&I customers that pay into the state-level System Benefits Charge (SBC). Customers can determine whether they are eligible to receive ConEd C&I Energy Efficiency cash incentives by checking their latest utility bill and determining whether “SBC” or “RPS” is listed as a charge.

Contact the Aciex, LLC team today at (973) 243-1200 or visit us at if you are a ConEd customer seeking ConEd-approved energy efficiency measures with $0.45 kWh savings and you would like to apply for Aciex software deployment on-site.