Aciex Overview
Emacx developed the Aciex Real-Time Energy Management System to deliver the economic benefits of intelligent Demand Control (iDC), intelligent Demand Response (iDR), and the integration of Real-Time Pricing, Smart Metering and Microgrid optimization. As the deployment of Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources increase, the Aciex Energy Management System will provide oversight and optimization of alternative energy sources during times of load curtailment. The Aciex Platform Software was designed to evolve with the Smart Grid so that users may easily add new applications in the future.

The Aciex Platform Software is built upon a flexible architecture with controllers, I/O modules, network devices, and workstations readily available on the market. Emacx proprietary software applications for real-time optimization and operator interface are integrated with the system architecture to provide a seamless, fully integrated energy management system. The Aciex Platform Software may be installed as a stand-alone system or integrated with a Building Management System (BMS) using open communications protocols.

Aciex Controller
The Aciex Controller is a powerful, commercially available controller comprised of Emacx’s proprietary control applications hosted in its embedded processor. This combination offers an economical and adaptable solution for both commercial and industrial load control applications. The Aciex Control Hub may be installed in new or existing network infrastructures and BMS installations using open protocol communications such as BACnet, Modbus, Mbus, OPC and others.

Aciex Control Hub embedded processor features:

  • Onboard Intel Atom D510 1.66 GHz processor
  • Integrated web server
  • 2 x RS-232/422/485 ports with automatic flow control
  • 3 x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 ports with teaming function support
  • Windows® 7 and Linux support
  • Fanless design with no internal cabling
  • Isolation between chassis and power ground

Dynamic trending is performed with instantaneous load calculations, establishing necessary correction factors in order to optimize the load within the preset target value of the imposed utility interval. Expensive demand peaks are prevented without compromising building operations.

Modular architecture provides for scalable installation and easy expansion. More than 2,000 analog and digital input/output points are available for additional loads, meters, sensors, alarm points, etc.

Aciex Platform Software
The Aciex Platform Software is Emacx software designed to provide operator and engineering interface to the Aciex Controller and the BMS. The Aciex Platform Software displays real-time predictive load management, along with operations reports necessary to meet all measurement and verification (M&V) requirements.

Real-time data display and analysis allow live feedback from meters and loads. The Aciex Platform Software control algorithms constantly monitor all demand control variables, and curtails loads only when necessary. All energy data is centralized to a common database for easy analysis. Real-time savings reports for kW, kWh, CO2 savings and cost avoidance are displayed.

The Aciex Platform Software is highly customizable. The most complex operations and processes can be easily integrated and visualized. The software is based on a field-proven process control system concept that evolved over the last 26 years into a powerful energy management and demand control software.

The following Aciex Application Modules are available:

  • Application Module intelligent Microgrid Manager (iMM)
    A Smart Grid is a small-scale power grid that uses a combination of energy generation and storage devices to serve local customers in real time. The Aciex Platform Software will provide oversight and optimization of alternative energy sources during times of load curtailment.
  • Application Module intelligent Demand Control (iDC)
    The Aciex iDC Application Module intelligently and automatically adjusts usage for maximum savings, empowered decision making and optimal equipment management without compromising production, comfort or safety. Superior results are achieved by Profiling, Predicting, Prioritizing, and Curtailing individual electrical loads for a short duration, reducing peak electrical demand.
  • Application Module intelligent Demand Response (iDR)
    The Aciex iDR Application Module offers intelligent Demand Response Technology where loads are automatically controlled and monitored. It detects the need for load shedding, communicates the demand to participating users, automates load shedding, and verifies compliance with demand response programs. A high level of automation is necessary particularly when a customer selects ancillary Demand Response programs where a fast response time, seconds, is required to comply. It also enables dynamic Demand Response for curtailment to a specific kW-target.
  • Application Module Automated Demand Response (ADR)
    ADR pays a financial reward for installing energy management technology that allows customers to perform automated demand response. The Aciex ADR Application Module receives automated event signals from the utility. These signals initiate pre-programmed iDR strategies at the facility that are executed by the Aciex iDR Module.
  • Application Module Real Time Pricing (RTP)
    The Emacx Aciex Real-Time Pricing Module will allow the customer to optimize the facility load based on pricing signals.  The Aciex Products can execute curtailment tasks through Direct Load Control, curtailment programs and emergency Demand Response events.
  • Application Module Transfer Switch Monitoring (TSM)
    This Application Module allows facility operations to monitor the state of the transfer switches, as well as, provide remote triggering capability for Demand Response Events if the standby generator is invoked as part of the load transfer. It can also be used for testing in a non-emergency case to actually transfer the load. A graphic display also shows the exact location of the transfer switch based on the floor plan of the facility.
  • Application Module Sub-Metering (SM)
    Interfacing with the Aciex Sub-Metering Module, the smart meter as part of the smart grid, becomes a highly intelligent approach to managing energy distribution and consumption that uses internet technologies to create bi-directional communication, coordination and control. It will also allow the building administrator to control the load based on real-time energy costs.
  • Application Module Weather Forecast Based Curtailments (WFBC) The Aciex Weather Forecasting Module takes climate conditions into consideration for curtailment. intelligent peak load control is often driven due to weather conditions particularly if HVAC equipment is the major electrical load. An intelligent predictive algorithm determines, based on current and forecasted weather conditions, what loads need to be curtailed in order to maintain a maximum load set point threshold.