NYC Hospital Wins AEE’s “Energy Project of the Year” Award for Most Innovative Energy Management Project deploying the Aciex Software


June 13, 2022 – New York, New York – Aciex, LLC is proud to announce that Mount Sinai Health System – one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious healthcare systems and long-standing Aciex, LLC customer – was awarded the NY Chapter Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) “Energy Project of the Year” award for state-of-the-art innovative energy management.


Mount Sinai Health System. Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York.


With over 2 million square feet of hospital space, the Mount Sinai Health System deployed the Aciex Intelligent Energy Management Software, the industries’ premiere real-time kWh-HarvestingTM and load reduction software. With a unique methodology and protocol that allows for fully-automated demand-limiting and energy consumption reductions and customizable carbon law reporting, our award-winning software results in potentially-significant carbon footprint savings.


Aciex, LLC’s Intelligent Energy Management Software,
providing instantaneous demand and real-time energy consumption on a whole-building level with select load monitoring and curtailment for impactful kW and kWh savings.


The Aciex, LLC team secured $2 million in Con Edison incentives and achieved a less than 3-year simple payback. Since 2020 commissioning, the Aciex, LLC team saved over 2.2 million kWh and 3 million pounds of CO2 equivalent. In a 2.5-year period, as indicated by the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, these greenhouse gas emission savings are equivalent to 293 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year and 165 million smart phones charged.

The Aciex, LLC team serves building owners, property managers, engineers, and sustainability professionals engaged in high-performance building operations in hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, higher education, retail stores, and other large facilities.

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